Monday, November 26, 2012


HEY HEY everyone!! Long time no talk HUH, Prolly had given up on my blog but come back, I am here and wanted to write a little.  I am getting over my surgery & I PRAISE GOD that I had it done, feeling 100% better, ready to be able to do my crafts again.  Ready to DIG IN DEEP with my ceramics--ready to feel like TENA again.  Havent done any crafting in QUITE a while--My husband wont let me go in my room because he said that I will be tempted to pick up something I am not suppossed to!! So ready also to get started in my running adventures with my friends also.  With this ARM the way it has been, I had just about QUIT everything, I use to have something to do every afternoon but not anymore but it will be there again.  I want to get my craft business started on the side so that I can make a little extra money--a little extra money never hurt anyone YA KNOW--  Loving life as a mom and a wife would have it any other way.  We will soon start with my couponing adventures also, GOTTA SAVE THAT BUCK!!  I hope that once I get to posting regular would LOVE to get more  followers and I will do some giveaways.  LOVE YOU all and GOD BLESS, get ready for the rollercoaster ride of TENA's CRAFTING & Coupon adventures-- As soon as I come up with another catchy name might change that also.  Talk to you all real soon!!