Friday, August 31, 2012


I AM NOW A "CLOSE TO YOUR HEART" Consultant!! I have been jugging with this idea for a couple of months and just keep getting drawn back to them, I had originally just signed up for the discounts but as I keep reading things I am really excitied to say I am hoping to make this a GREAT BUSINESS!!  I am reaching out in SO MANY ways and all these doors God is just opening them for me like no OTHER time in my life, I OWE IT ALL TO GOD, there is no other way this stuff can be happening.  Got my molds and ceramics hoping to get them all organized so I can soon get that business going, About 3 friends of mine and me are seriousily entertaining the idea of opening up a craft shop together we all just bring our own thing to the table HALLEIGH, I know its all GOD!!  So I am going to put a link to my page here and hopfully yall go visit it soon, I am busy getting my degrees on several things with CTMH so I can be the most knowledable Repensative that I can be, Come on this journey with me!! , I am so excited LETS DO THIS!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


HEY HEY Everybody!!! I have finally got my blog up & going and gonna start bloggin about all my adventures throughout my life.  SPECIAL THANKS TO MY BEST FRIEND, LORRIE SIMONS, she is so so Awesome to help me get my blog designed and as beautiful as it is.  LOVE you all & Subscribe to me these adventures could get really FUN.