Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just saying HI this morning, Got up bright and early and finished rolling my yarn into a ball for the Grannie Square Group, want to get at least 1 blanket done, UGH I feel like I have let Letticia down but I will get it done.  Feeling so much better, tryn to stay busy with my crafts.  Last night was the first night with the Personal Trainer, Me and Sherry decided not to exercise first thing this morning because he told us that rest is most important.  LOVING my life so much!!! When I exercise seems I get a whole new lease on life.  I am going to get this weight off, GOTTA get serious, cut out soft drinks and WATER,WATER, WATER!! Hopefully this will be a new beginning for my blog.  I am going to try to get my ceramic business going, I got a lot in store for me.  Mud bogg this weekend in Ulmer, no trucks but hey we can watch LOL, Anywho I hope everyone has a AWESOME day!! God Bless always remember everything happens for a Reason!!

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