Thursday, March 28, 2013


GOOD MORNING!!!  I had ALOT of fun this month participating in a swap where you altered a Easter Basket.  It was so fun today and the ideas just started popping out of my head, When I signed up for this swap I was very hesitant of what I could do.  It helps me so much to be involved in a swap because it makes me reach out of my comfort zone and get things done.  This is a picture of the front of my easter basket.

We had to alter the Easter Basket and put ALL kinds of goodies for our Secret Sister in it.  So, here is the picture of the inside of the Basket with all her little goodies:

Here is a closeup of the front, This is the first time I EVER handmade flowers this way.  As I have always said YOUTUBE is my best friend LOL.

Thank you Secret SiS for giving me the opportunity to boardn my spectrum, here is the card I also sent with the Basket, Mine went to Grand Praire Texas.  Thank you so much for looking.

God Bless you.

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