Thursday, March 28, 2013


Good Morning Everyone, This month I had the priviledge of crocheting a blanket for a VERY SPECIAL little girl.  Her name is TayLynn, she was born in October, 2012.  She has already had her leg amputated and has several things that are wrong with her that make her deathly sick.  It was my pleasure and so rewarding to make her this blanket, these little kids mean the world to me and I dont even know them Personally.  Thank you God for my blessings!!

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  1. Love your Blanket! I have only been Crocheting for a few months now and Love It! But still have a lot to learn. I have tried to start a Granny Square a few time and have given up. I am wanting to make a Granny Square Blanket for my Grand Daughters Birthday.But don't know if I'll ever figure it. I did recently make a Crocheted Owl Phone Holder. It turned out pretty Cute. If you would like to see it,It's on my blog. Thanks for Sharing! I am now following you. Happy Easter! :0)