Thursday, March 28, 2013

EGG CARTON SWAP for March 2013

Also, this month I was involved in a Egg Carton Swap where you had to alter a Egg Carton, THIS WAS TOO MUCH FUN.  I never thought AGAIN that I could do it but when I got started boy the ideas just flowed.  I just hope my secret sister enjoys it as much as it was fun to make.  Here is the pic of the front of the Egg Carton:

Again my new found LOVE of Flower making LOL.  With the lace and pearls, My son helped me decide to put the pearl in the middle of the flower, maybe I will make a crafter out of one of my kids anyway LOL.  Here is the top view of the carton:

*These Flowers are not Hand Made LOL*

Here is the pic of the inside of the carton.  Like I said I am sure hoping that my Secret Sister enjoys this as
much as I did making it.  This Egg Carton will go to Chicago, IL to Danielle Sanders, I just hope and Pray she likes it.  Again God Bless you.

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